The Founder came to us for an efficient solution design to solve the problems about the workplace commuting, the escalating cost of cars, and to deal with the ever-rising hassles of public transport. The idea of Seats Planet was generated to solve this problem by providing an active car-pooling service by making it efficient, reliable, and profitable.

The challenges

One of the most constructive challenges in developing the SeatsPlanet app was managing the driver’s profile which curates the details of his/her car as well.

Moreover, a systematic mechanism was required to let the users accept whom they would be picking up on their way by enabling the reservation system.

User experience

To make things easy for the people, we were required to come with an effective solution so as to enhance their experience. Therefore, we came up with the GPS based design to let users know and book the car effortlessly and let them manage their bookings at ease.

App design

Right from making the wireframes till the concluding app design we consistently infused innovation in the process of creating an app. post wireframing we worked for enhancing the realistic appearance of this ride sharing app.

Interactive feature

For effective solution to the daily problem of the world, SeatsPlanet app comes with multi-faceted interactive feature such that users can post ride, search the same, and book it. this keeps the pick-up cars and carpoolers in constant touch.

Post ride

If you want to be a driver and want to earn some extra money, then post your trip details. Anybody interested to join you, will contact you through your profile details.

Search ride

If you are a passenger and want to book taxi, then search for your relevant trip. If decided to join, then just book your seat and be in touch with the driver.

Book ride

Be a passenger, search from the available shared rides, and book taxi, after calculating the estimated time and distance. Also, see user reviews and ratings before short listing your option.


It provides a historical listing of all the rides posted, searches, seat reservations, and notifications till the present date.

My earning

All the payments are made online so once the driver marks a trip ‘complete’ the money is deposited in his synched account. There is also a dashboard which provides details regarding the earned money, and also it reflects the withdrawals towards your bank account. It gets easy to manage your entire carpool budgeting within the SeatsPanet app itself.

An overall glimpse

From user’s profile to car profile, to even GPS navigation and private chat window – we have integrated every possible thing to make tasks easy for the users. while at the same time our design standards ensure lucidity and reliability.

Technology stack






AFNetworking, SDWebImage






Volley, Universal Image Loader




Facebook SDK

Payment gateway


Work speaks louder than words


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