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Product Research

One of the most critical aspects of being successful on Amazon is the ability to select the right product. Product research and selection can make or break a business.We use a 10-point, data-driven approach that enables us to look at different criteria to ensure the result is a profitable product:

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We work with sellers that are at all stages of their Amazon journey. Whether this is your first product, second, third or beyond, we take specific a specific approach for each one:

First Product

We understand the importance of your first product. We want to work with you to ensure the product fits all criteria you envisioned..

Second Product

Your second product is one that determines whether you will expand horizontally through variations, or vertically through complementary products. We understand the challenge and we are up for it.

Third Product and Beyond

You already have an established brand and target audience, so the goal is to find products that will resonate with your customer base and allow your brand to scale up.

Product Sourcing

One of our key offerings is product sourcing. Our objective is to always find the right product at the right price. Our sourcing experts have developed tremendous expertise and solid relationships to be able to provide you the best possible product.

Here are the key steps we follow:

Let us handle the nuances of product sourcing so you can focus on growing your business!

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Product Launching

It is not enough to just make your listing live and layer advertising on top of it. There needs to be a proper launch strategy that will get you ranked for target keywords and generate profitable results.

Before launching, we ensure that your listing and images are all on point. The next step consists of using specialized tools and techniques to get your product ranked from several keywords that users use to search for your product. The final step is analyzing data to ensure that your product is converting as expecting. We will adjust pricing as needed to keep rank and increase profitability.

Why use us for launching?

Depending on your budget and objectives, we will propose the right package for you that may contain rebates, coupons, promotions, giveaways, targeted keywords… etc.