BR Softech

Antedea. Company is located at the business hub of Jaipur (India), Australia, USA and Canada. Our Company are deliver the future proof solution with updated software and excellent technological advancement of high tech infrastructural facilities. Our services are fulfill our clients requirement which varied their business needs.

We are maintain our infrastructure agile with facility of outsourcing models. BR Softech are incorporate world-class Technics and technology focusing on scalability, reliability and of course security to take organization to the next level.

We provide High performance solution in secure IT environment with additional improvement. We ensure continuous operation with stringent quality control for maintain all necessary action and plan. Our team encourage client inspections and audits. Our company are spread across four offices in the world (India, USA, Australia and Canada), covering over 22,500 sq. ft. with High security system and 3,000 sq.ft. Parking Space.

Our company provide separate floors for developers which is secure global connectivity to the video conferencing remote users and VoIP.

We have individual labs for various technologies, we work on such as Website and Research Development centre for PHP, Dot Net, Game Development Centre, Mobile Application Development Centre for Android, iPad, iPhone, Testing, Designing and other support departments for HR, Administration and Finance etc.

At BR Softech, you will get best working environment. We are providing high class infrastructure and working environment. We earned lot of respect from our clients. We invite many of our international clients to make a personal visit in our head office located in Jaipur, India.


  • CCTV surveillance and 24/7 power availability for better security
  • Scalable network systems and architecture
  • Custom software according to the project requirements
  • Disaster recovery Provision
  • Simultaneously two servers working cluster environment
  • Several people work at same time on same data by SVN(sub versioning Network)
  • Available Backup network devices
  • Client server consultation, management and maintenance
  • Data backup is regular


  • IBM High-end cluster servers & IBM Storage
  • Dedicated cloud based demo servers for application demonstration


  • CISCO’s manageable switches L2 and L3 for secured network
  • CAT6 network cables
  • vLan for secured network traffic



  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu


  • MySQL
  • MsSQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL


  • For data storage IBM DS 35.2 Usage
  • Usage of IBM DS 35.2 for data storage
  • Dedicated cloud based demo servers for application demonstration


  • CAT6 network cables
  • For secured network, CISCO’s manageable switches L3 and L2
  • Secured network traffic by vLan

Software for Networking

  • For Windows: 2008 Server and 2012 Server
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Cent OS 6.0
  • Mac – Mavericks


  • MS SQL
  • MY SQL
  • no sql
  • Postgree SQL


Hardware for desktops

Highly configured processors


Sonic Wall as firewall with pre-installed Gateway anti-virus


Mac OS X &
Mac OS X Mavericks


All Android Devices
Wi-Fi Based secured network

Communication tools

MSN Messenger
Yahoo Messenger
Go ToMeeting
Team Viewer
Cisco WebX
Projector Based Conferencing


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