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Wholesome Sweeteners

Wholesome engaged Blue Fountain Media to redesign and re-launch the website. The goal of the new website was to launch an ecommerce website and convey the better for you product offerings to the correct audiences, including key value propositions and ultimately driving conversions at various touch points throughout the user journeys.

Blue Fountain Media successfully delivered a website based on an actionable strategy that drove the design, development and ecommerce phases. By utilizing a highly scalable content management system, and incorporating a variety of searchable recipe indexes, we were able to show the high quality premium brand off in a new light while allowing users to easily find and buy the products they love.

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Kosher cooking has been around for ages. From recipes that have been handed down generation to generation or new kosher recipes that are creating that next thing. Kosher observances include not mixing meat and dairy products, no non-kosher animals (such as pork, shellfish and others) and meat from kosher animals which are slaughtered per a specific procedure. While kosher can be thought of as quite difficult to follow or religious food, it’s actually for anyone and has been launched to help show the variety and methods that anyone can follow!

Blue Fountain Media has helped bring this new website to fruition and work continuously to help optimize it with the team at was built with the idea that kosher cooking can be easy, but that food is also something people converse over and we wanted to open that conversation up further. allows users to browse recipes from various kosher chefs, popular kosher magazines and more. The “Lifestyle” allows to share out articles on tips, tricks, the latest in the kosher cooking world and more and can read often with new articles spanning various subjects. Most importantly, has launched their own kosher cooking shows. These shows feature popular recipes, highlight holiday cooking and more with some widely known kosher chefs in the industry.

Juice Generation

Juice Generation is a cold-pressed juice and smoothie brand based in New York City. With multiple juice bar locations and nationwide delivery options, the company’s drink website is designed to supply thousands of customers every day with affordable detoxifying juice cleanses.

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Giovanni Rana

Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina brings passion and commitment to high-quality, artisanal pasta to the U.S. in the form of a full-service restaurant. Their website design communicates that their fresh pasta is made onsite daily, while rare and regional Italian products and foods are available to take home.


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