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Amazon has created several ways for you to entice new and existing customers to buy your product.

Amazon has created several ways for you to entice new and existing customers to buy your product. These include deals, coupons, prime exclusive discounts, and promotions. As your partner, we understand how to best leverage each of these methods to achieve specific objectives for your products. We have worked with countless brand owners in crafting a marketing calendar that includes specific types of promotions, strategically placed in a specific month, to help achieve the best possible outcome.


A deal allows you to get your product featured on the Amazon Deals page, which is one of the most visited pages on Amazon. Savvy shoppers look there frequently is search of great bargains.

Amazon Deals are an excellent mechanism to take advantage of special events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day. You can sell a large volume within a very short period of time, allowing you to boost BSR and reduce overstock. Because of the special Deals badging, you also benefit from search traffic driving traffic to your listing. Deals are also critical in cross selling other products that belong to your brand.

How much discount should you provide? Should you sell a Deal at a loss? What is the best way to achieve the best ROI? We can answer these questions and more!


Amazon coupons are a great way to promote your products with a special coupon that shoppers can use to either get a percentage off the sale price, or a specific dollar amount. Coupons can me made available to all shoppers or distributed by you to specific customers as part of a promotion campaigns through email or social media for example.

We have extensive experience with coupons! We have spent countless hours researching and applying best practices to make the most out of coupons.

It is just as important to know what to do as it is to know what not to do. A seller once created a coupon and forgot to turn on coupon limits and turn off stacking. The next day, his inventory was all gone and sold to 1 buyer that stacked his coupons to pay absolutely nothing, $0, for hundreds of units’ worth more than $20,000!

Prime Exclusive Discounts

Prime exclusive discounts are discounts specific to Amazon prime members. These are a price discount that will display special badging for primemembers and encourage non-prime members to sign up for prime to receive the discount.

There are specific criteria that must be met to be eligible for Prime discounts. For example, the product must be Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA).

This is also the type of discount you would want to use for Prime Day to receive maximum exposure. We consider all criteria to ensure pricing, ratings, and the discount percentage are all planned ahead to ensure eligibility as well as the best possible outcome.


Promotions are a great way to boost sales when needed, by offering a social media promo code, a buy one get one offer, or a percentage off the sale price.

We like using promotions to increase visibility and stimulate sales when sales are down, in order to maintain the Best Seller Rank (BSR). Promotions are also a great way to entice existing customers to try your new products.

Throughout the years, we have learned key success factors for running promotions. At the top of the list is creating a sense of urgency, by clearly articulating promotion quantity limits, or date expiration to drive sales.

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Other Promotions Discounts

We understand that not one type of promotion is the best for you. We understand how to leverage the most ideal promotion for your specific goals. The promotions listed above are the ones offered on Amazon. We also work with sellers in crafting promotions that go beyond Amazon.

For example, we are big advocates in leveraging influencers to promote your products. The reason being that they already talk to your target audience, and they have already built a trust relationship with that audience.

Reach out to us today and start leveraging promotions and deals to take your business to the next level. Whether it is an Amazon platform promotion, or other type of promotions, we have the right expertise to architect the right strategy for you!