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Product Reviews and Seller Feedback!

It is no surprise that buyers pay close attention to product reviews and seller feedback.

Most studies on Amazon seller behavior show that the great majority of shoppers won’t even click on a listing if the product rating is not high (between 4 and 5 stars), or if the number of reviews is too low. Seller feedback is also critical and shows up once the shopper clicks on your seller name. Savvy shoppers look at both to ensure they can not only trust the quality of your product, but also trust you as a seller.

Our product review and seller feedback management service allows you to stay ahead of negative reviews and negative feedback by leveraging our automated mechanisms that will continuously get positive reviews and feedback.

Over the years

We have developed the perfect strategy that allows you to continuously get positive feedback from your buyers

We leverage several tactics in order to achieve the maximum number of positive reviews, while staying compliant to Amazon’s terms of service (TOS). Here are the key components we use:

Post-Purchase emails

Sending a post-purchase email to thank them for their order and letting them know that their order will be out soon goes a long way with buyers, and they appreciate that your brand took the time to thank them and keep them posted. This also gives the impression of a larger brand, and that of a brand that cares about its customers.

Product inserts with chat bot flow automation

Many chat is an automated chatbot that acts as your customer care for common questions and interactions. We leverage many chat to both capture customer information to help you build a client list, and to engage with them to provide excellent support and then finally solicit their honest feedback.

Manual requests for reviews

This is certainly a well overlooked approach to generate more reviews. The key is to request reviews at the right time, that is the right day and right time of day, and based on the right conditions. For example, if a batch of products you have just sent to FBA has an issue, we would want to avoid insisting on getting feedback until the issue is resolved and stock replaced.

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Get Ahead of Your Product Reviews and Seller Feedback

Product Reviews and Seller Feedback management can be quite time consuming, yet it has such a big impact on your product and brand’s success. We have resources that specialize in managing this for you for the long-term.

We will work with you on a strategy to ensure you are always ahead of the pack when it comes to reviews and seller feedback. Our chatbot experts will develop the necessary flow to ensure not only your customers get proper support, but we are also able to capitalize on positive interactions and get great reviews at the right time.

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