Increase Conversions By Hacking Into The Shopper’s Mind!

EBC provides several capabilities not available in the standard listing format.

Sellers with Brand Registry can benefit from leveraging Enhanced Brand Content, often referred to as A+ Content as well. EBC allows users to leverage a nicely formatted listing that looks more like a well-crafted web page than a standard Amazon listing.

EBC, when properly implemented, can increase your conversions by up to 40%. This has been tested and proven. The amazon thing about EBC is that unlike PPC where you need to keep investing advertising dollars, you can achieve a solid increase in sales by simply implementing EBC properly once! It is so well worth the effort, and we are here to help!


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EBC Objective

Proper EBC content is the result of fantastic copywriting and art! The main objective of using EBC content is to increase conversions from traffic already coming to your listing. It does this by focusing on 2 key aspects:

EBC Aspects

Ultimately, we want to leverage the EBC content to inform the shopper about the product, inspire them, and then convert them to a customer! This is achieved by leveraging the following 6 aspects of EBC:

Hero Image

The hero image is the top image in the listing. The goal of the hero image is to be a big attention grabber to stop the shopper from scrolling by providing a striking image of your product. It should take up almost the entire width of the screen and leverage professional photography.


The slideshow is a great way to alternate images and text to elaborate further details about your product, its use cases, benefits, and testimonials. It helps maximize a small space and provide beneficial content that helps the shopper become more intimate with your product, brand, and audience.


The banner can either be a single image or multiple images. This is a great way to combine images, icons, and text to focus on why the customer should buy your product versus other products. The text is concise and goes straight to the point. This is where we get creative, and leverage information based on your customer avatar and product criteria that matters to them in their buying decision.


Your story is what makes the emotional connection with your customer. This is where you talk about why you are passionate about your business, how you found your company, what causes you support. The story is key to differentiate yourself and avoid price wars with other sellers. Imagine a buyer is undecided and considering your product and another product. A good story is what will help you seal the deal given that you connect with the customer, even if your price is higher than the competition.​


We leverage the graphics to focus on your key selling points, communicated in a visual way, by leveraging infographics and icons to quickly relay the message in a visual way. We understand that one of the key aspects of a winning EBC listing is to focus more on graphics and images, rather than large sections of texts because customers will spend more time on images and just skim through text.

Product Carousel

The product carousel is a critical part that allows you to cross-sell other products your customer might not know about. This is likely one of the most under-utilized tools. Imagine that for every click that you get either organically or through PPC, now that buyer can see your other products all in one listing, drastically improving your chances of converting into a sale. You can leverage the carousel to cross-sell product variations, or completely different products you think would appeal to this shopper. For example, if you are selling vitamins and this listing is for a vitamin C supplement, you can leverage the carousel to also list your Zinc supplement, or Vitamin D supplement as they all boost the immune system but have other distinct benefits.

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Enhanced Brand Content is one of the best ways to boost sales. Unfortunately, most sellers do not take advantage of it and miss out on several opportunities. Let our experts work with you to craft your story, build your images and infographics around what matters to your audience, cross-sell your other products, and boost your sales through outstanding copywriting, images, and know-how.